We are pioneering the frontiers of Blockchain technology. Our expertise can help you to explore the full potential of Distributed Ledger Technology and its potential applications for your business. We are offering consultancy and the implementation of software based on Blockchain technologies for both existing businesses and startup's. Whether you are starting your new journey or looking to reshape your existing business model, making it more transparent, secure, efficient and reliable by leveraging Blockchain technology - we are here to help.
Some of the blockchain development services that we offer
Custom public or private blockchains
Smart contract audits and implementations
Wallets and blockchain explorers
Centralized and Decentralized exchanges
Decentralized Applications (DApps)


If you have a vision, we can help turn it into an outstanding digital product. Building digital products requires a discipline and rigor beyond traditional IT engagements. Starting as early as you have an idea for the piece of software, we work with you to analyze, build, design, and release a final product to market. We'll help you understand your users needs, validating hypotheses quickly, reducing risks, and continually improving our processes to ensure a highly efficient and fluid product development life cycle.
From discovery to delivery, we will work with you through all stages of product development
Research and discovery
We invest our time to understand your vision. We then work with you to transform this vision into a well defined set of product requirements and milestones
Product design
We explore your brand identity and define the user flows of your product. In an iterative and revision based approach to wireframing and visual design, we capture your brand and produce intuitive and loveable user interface
Our well rounded team of engineers will use the most suitable cutting edge technologies to turn the whole design with all the necessary features into production-ready code, while you will be able to track the progress and test the product as it's being built.
Once the product is live and gaining traction we are finally in a position to help you search for product-market fit. Some of the assumptions initially made will hold, while others will need to be revised based on the data we begin to collect. As your development partner, we will be here long-term to continue to iterate and improve your product as time goes on, bringing it closer to the ultimate vision, one day at a time.


We build web applications designed and engineered to help you achieve your business goals. We always take time to make sure we understand your audience and provide you with the web experience that fits your needs the best. Whether you need traditional or progressive Web Application - we have got you covered. We provide end-to-end full stack services, from UI/UX design, frontend and backend development to quality assurance and DevOps. Usually, we love to work with Javascript stack - React / Angular on frontend and NodeJS on backend. However, as there is no single technology stack that fits every web application need, we tend to choose the technology stack on a per-project basis, based on the specific project requirements. We are familiar with Python and JVM languages (Java, Scala, Kotlin) as well and equally fluent in SQL and NoSQL databases.
Full stack end-to-end services for building lightning fast and highly polished web applications
UI and UX Design
Frontend Development
Backend Development
QA and Testing
DevOps and SysOps


Building great mobile apps may be challenging but using them shouldn’t be. As Steve Jobs once said - " is not what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works". We take mobile experience design seriously and deliver functional and intuitive user interfaces. We also genuinely care about the quality of our software and in order to make sure we deliver high quality software at every step of our development process, we are utilizing test-driven development accompanied with automated testing. We are always looking to apply best practice and use cutting edge technologies to meet the challenges of today, tomorrow and beyond.
Mobile applications that tick all the boxes
We use the latest technologies from Apple to build rich and complex native apps. We use Swift programming language and protocol-oriented functional reactive programming to reduce state and thus produce the code thats readable and easy to understand.
As we pay special attention to code quality, we always try to stay up-to-date with latest trends and best practice in the industry. We work with both Kotlin and Java to produce stable and maintainable codebases that work on any Android device.
React Native
In cases when time to market or high productivity is preferred over access to platform specific features, we don't hesitate to go for React Native. Our React Native apps are also built by engineers from native mobile development backgrounds, so they know what to expect from the app and never deliver something that would compromise on performance or quality.

How We Work

Fixed price projects
We can help you bring your digital ideas to life by building exceptional products from scratch. If you already know what kind of software you want and can specify it in detail, we can give you a quote and stick to it, so you have a precise idea of the costs in advance. We can help you pre-plan the project, write the specifications and architecture, create wireframes and finally build and maintain software that gives you a unique digital edge. This model is ideal for projects where there is little to no changes expected in terms of features and the overall scope of the project.
Time and material
We can also provide you with a Dedicated Team which will be involved full-time in your project and 100% tailored to your requirements , whether you are starting your new Start Up, developing an online business or simply looking to expand your existing team. This model is preferable if you don't have a detailed idea of how the software should work or you just want to have the flexibility to change your requirements as we go.
If you have a project, write to us


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